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Poll: Georgians favor electronic voting

Georgians overwhelmingly prefer electronic voting to other methods of voting, according to the most recent Peach State Poll.

Seventy percent of the voting age public say they are more comfortable casting their respective ballots electronically on the touchscreen machines than by punch cards (preferred by 8 percent) or by marking paper ballots (12 percent).

Eighty-four percent of Georgians say that the touchscreen voting machines are an improvement over using punch cards, and 82 percent say they are an improvement over paper ballots on which voters mark with a pen.

In addition, poll respondents express a high level of support for a uniform voting system. Ninety-five percent of the public also believe that having a uniform system is either very important (77 percent) or somewhat important (18 percent). Only 17 percent of Georgians believe that individual counties should be allowed to decide the method by which their constituents cast votes.