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Poultry science duo write avian textbook

Birds in Our Lives, Dwelling in an Avian World
By Adam Davis and Mia Malloy
Cognella Academic Publishing

Adam Davis, associate professor of poultry science, and Mia Malloy, a postdoctoral research associate, have recently published a textbook, Birds in Our Lives, Dwelling in an Avian World to supplement the poultry science department’s “Birds in our Lives” course. 

The book covers topics from the current status of birds in the wild and the threats they face to the worldwide financial impact of birds with an emphasis on commercially used birds such as domestic poultry and pet birds. 

The book begins with an examination of the evolution and taxonomy of birds. Subsequent chapters address issues in international trade, flight, anatomy, nutrition and reproduction. The second half of the text is devoted to specific species including parrots, raptors, pigeons and doves, ratites like emus and cassowaries, galliformes like pheasants, turkeys, junglefowl and quail and waterfowl. The final chapter addresses opportunities for helping bird populations whether as a land owner, consumer or concerned citizen.

Birds in Our Lives is a text for introductory through junior-level avian biology courses.