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Prepare emergency plan in advance

National Preparedness Month is a good time to devise an emergency plan. To accomplish this, the UGA Office of Emergency Preparedness suggests that you:

Have a kit. Keep an emergency preparedness kit at your home and in your car. The kit at home should include enough food and water for three days. The kit in your car should include basic first aid supplies, water and a space blanket, which keeps in body heat and preserves body temperature.

Make a plan. Have an emergency plan for both your office and home. You should know where the shelter and evacuation locations are for your office building. It is important to know more than one way out of your building in case your normal exit is blocked. Also prepare for what you would do at home in case of a fire or tornado. UGA staff can request an Emergency Preparedness Guidebook by emailing or visiting

Stay informed. Pay attention to your surroundings so you know when an emergency is likely to occur. Verify your contact information at so you can receive an emergency message if necessary. To receive a scrolling message on your computer when a UGAAlert message is issued, ask your area’s information technology professional to install the UGAAlert Desktop application.