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Book offers advice about prescription plans

The Medicare Part D Drug Program: Making the Most of the Benefit
Jack Finchum
Jones and Bartlett

The Medicare Prescription Drug benefit can save seniors money, but with hundreds of programs to choose from—with different deductibles, co-pays and formularies—it also can be quite confusing.

In The Medicare Part D Drug Program: Making the Most of the Benefit, Jack Fincham,  A.W. Jowdy Professor of Pharmacy Care at UGA, offers practical advice on how seniors can navigate the maze of available options so that they can find the program that best suits their needs.

“This is a complex government program,” Fincham said. “But it can help people save money—and a significant amount of money if they are wise consumers.”

Fincham served as a consultant to various federal and state ­agencies during the development of the program. He also has counseled hundreds of seniors on the program as a volunteer for various area agencies on aging.

In the 150-page paperback, Fincham explains: how to avoid scams; what to consider if you already have coverage under a veteran’s benefit plan or a retiree plan; how to work with your physician and pharmacist to make sure you’re not taking duplicate drugs or drugs that counteract each other; how people with limited incomes can apply for extra coverage; and what you can do if a drug that you take is not covered under a plan’s formulary.