Campus News

President highlights developments at Staff Council meeting

UGA President Jere W. Morehead met with UGA Staff Council March 4 in Room 250 of the Miller Learning Center to discuss recent university developments affecting staff.

Among the developments highlighted by Morehead were the administration’s efforts to ask the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia for faculty and staff pay raises this year. Morehead’s message to regents and state legislators has been that raises are needed to keep the university competitive in attracting and keeping talented faculty and staff. The president said he hopes a pay raise this year will help the momentum from raises last year.

“We need a sustained period of raises over the next several years to rebalance where the University of Georgia is in the marketplace,” he said.

Morehead also talked about Staff Appreciation Day, which was announced during the State of the University address in January. The Appreciation Day, which will be sponsored by the President’s Office, will be held in May.

“It’s a symbolically important statement to thank the staff at the university for the work you do to support the institution and our students as well as work with our faculty to ensure that our service and research missions are carried out in a professional manner,” he said.

In the realm of the university’s fundraising, Morehead said UGA is having a strong fundraising year so far. An area for improvement will be to convince more UGA alumni to contribute financially to the university.