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Prevent, manage childhood illnesses

Germs are multiplying, and with the added stress of a new school year, children are more likely to get sick. Parents can take steps to keep illnesses manageable and children nourished when they do get sick.

Diane Bales, a Cooperative Extension human development specialist with UGA’s College of Family and Consumer Sciences, offers a few simple tips based on common childhood illnesses.

• Colds: “A child with a cold needs to drink lots of fluids, especially water and juice, so
he stays hydrated,” she said. Other good foods include soup, yogurt, ice cream and
• Fevers: “Children lose lots of fluids during a fever, so it’s important to keep them hydrated,” Bales said. “Encourage your child to eat small amounts of light foods, but don’t force her.”
• Vomiting: “When your child is vomiting, don’t give them any fluids or foods,” she said. “Offer him some fluids about an hour after he has quit vomiting.”
• Sore throats: “Warm liquids are best because they’re soothing to the throat,” Bales said. Warm liquids include soup, tea with honey and hot chocolate. For children who push aside warm liquids, cold treats such as Popsicles, ice cream, frozen yogurt and milkshakes also may help.
If your child is still sick after 24 hours, call the doctor.