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Prof shares exciting research adventures

Adventures in Research Volumes I-III
By Howard J. Wiarda
iUniverse Inc.

While traveling, there are bound to be interesting people, places and situations that arise that can surprise even the most experienced explorers.

Howard J. Wiarda, Dean Rusk Professor of International Relations and head of the international affairs department in UGA’s School of Public and International Affairs, knows about traveling adventures: He has traveled around the globe for his research over the past several decades.

His most recent books, the three-volume Adventures in Research, lets readers into his world of research and travel, telling stories of the people and places he has experienced over the years.

As one of the leading global scholars of international relations, comparative politics, and foreign policy, Wiarda’s research has taken him to Europe, Asia, Latin America and South Africa. His account of these travels includes not only research findings, but also, preliminary ideas and concepts as well as personal impressions.

The Adventures in Research series of books provide insight as to how scholarly books are written while incorporating a sense of exploration that presents the reader with a challenging and intriguing read.