Campus News

Promotions approved for 148 faculty members

The University of Georgia has approved the promotion of 148 faculty members. Board of regents’ approval of promotions is no longer required. Those receiving a promotion are:

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

To Professor
Esendugue Greg Fonsah, agricultural and applied economics; Alfredo D. Martinez-Espinoza, plant pathology; and Jason Boone Peake, agricultural leadership, education and communication.

To Associate Professor
Walid Qasim Alali, food science and technology; Jennifer L. Cannon, food science and technology; Matthew R. Chappell, horticulture; Brian H. Kiepper, poultry science; Gentian Kostandini, agricultural and applied economics; Anish Malladi, horticulture; Patrick E. McCullough, crop and soil sciences; Shavannor Michelle Smith, plant pathology; Rajagopalbab Srinivasan, entomology; Lawton Stewart, animal and dairy science; and Aaron Thompson, crop and soil sciences.

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

To Professor
Kang Li, computer science; Jennifer E. McDowell, psychology; Henning Horst H. Meyer, physics and astronomy; Linda A. Renzulli, sociology; and Jingzhi Tie, mathematics. 

To Associate Professor
Joshua Barkan, geography; Joshua L. Bynum, music; Brandon B. Craswell, music; Gary Elliott Douberly Jr., chemistry; Kelly A. Dyer, genetics; Melissa Seymour Fahmy, philosophy; Natarajan Kannan, biochemistry and molecular biology; Paula P. Lemons, biochemistry and molecular biology; Deepak Mishra, geography; Esra Santesso, English; Anne Shaffer, psychology; Saral Surakul, art; Jon M. Swindler, art; Susan N. Tanner, anthropology; Victor Dominic Thompson, anthropology; Amy Trauger, geography; Julie Velasquez Runk, anthropology; Craig C. Wiegert, physics and astronomy; and Zachary Arthur Wood, biochemistry and molecular biology.

To Senior Lecturer
Diego del Pozo, Romance languages; Mi Ran Kim, linguistics; Maria Mizzi Terol, Romance languages; Janet G. Robertson, dance; Kristi Schaller, communication studies; Kacy D. Welsh, psychology; and Miljenko Zabcic, mathematics.

To Senior Academic Professional
Alicia Arribas Arcos, Romance languages; Gary K. Baker, Romance languages; Cecilia M. Herles Hallauer, women’s studies; and Dennis Ray Phillips, chemistry. 

Terry College of Business

To Professor
David B. Mustard, economics.

To Associate Professor
Son K. Lam, marketing; Marie S. Mitchell, management; Michael D. Pfarrer, management; and Christine Shropshire, management.

College of Education

To Professor
Scott Patrick Ardoin, educational psychology; Elizabeth DeBray, lifelong education, administration and policy; Ellen M. Evans, kinesiology; Tarek C. Grantham, educational psychology; Corey W. Johnson, counseling and human development services; Stephanie Renee Jones, educational theory and practice; and Cynthia O. Vail, communication sciences and special education.

To Associate Professor
Jessica L. Bishop, mathematics and science education; Kun-wung Byon, kinesiology; Jori N. Hall, lifelong education, administration and policy; Jennifer Lindstrom, communication sciences and special education; and Sheneka M. Williams, lifelong education, administration and policy.

To Clinical Professor
Holly S. Kaplan, communication sciences and special education.

To Clinical Associate Professor
Beth D. Tolley, educational theory and practice.

College of Environment and Design

To Associate Professor
Shelley Cannady.

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

To Professor
Jerry Edward Gale, human development and family science; Patricia Kay Hunt-Hurst, textiles, merchandising and interiors; and Hui Chin Hsu, human development and family science.

To Senior Academic Professional
Barbara Mullen Grossman, foods and nutrition.

Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication

To Associate Professor
Jeong Yeob Han, telecommunications; and Itai Himelboim, telecommunications.

To Senior Lecturer

Kristen Margaret Smith, advertising and public relations.

College of Pharmacy

To Associate Professor
Rajgopal Govindarajan, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences; and Jason Allan Zastre, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences.

College of Public Health

To Professor
Mark H. Ebell, epidemiology and biostatistics; and Erin K. Lipp, environmental health science.

College of Veterinary Medicine

To Professor
Robert M. Gogal, biosciences and diagnostic imaging; Marc Kent, small animal medicine and surgery; Daniel G. Mead, population health; and Guillermo Zavala, population health.

To Associate Professor
Kate E. Creevy, small animal medicine and surgery; Naola M. Ferguson-Noel, population health; Tamas Nagy, pathology; and Kaori Sakamoto, pathology.

Odum School of Ecology

To Professor
Sonia M. Altizer.

To Associate Professor
Jacqueline E. Mohan and Andrew W. Park, ecology and infectious diseases.

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

To Professor
Douglas L. Peterson Jr. and Jacek Piotr Siry.

To Associate Professor
Sonia M. Hernandez, forestry and natural resources and population health.

School of Law

To Professor
Erica Hashimoto and Usha R. Rodrigues.

To Associate Professor
Mehrsa Baradaran; Timothy Lanier Meyer and Logan Everett Sawyer.

To Librarian IV
Wendy E. Moore.

To Librarian II
Jason D. Tubinis and Thomas J. Striepe.

School of Public and International Affairs

To Professor
Keith L. Dougherty, political science.

To Associate Professor
Ryan S. Bakker, political science; Anthony J. Madonna, political science; and Cas Mudde, international affairs.

School of Social Work

To Professor
Alberta J. Ellett.

To Associate Professor
Shari Elyse Miller and David Ochieng Okech.


To Librarian IV
Dana Walker.

To Librarian III
Keith Hulett, Chandra D. Jackson, Cynthia L. Prosser, Katherine M. Stein and Ian S. Thomas. 

Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach

To Senior Public Service Associate
Julia Webb Gaskin, crop and soil sciences; Maritza Keen, J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development; Keith D. Mickler, UGA Extension-Northwest District; and Robert C. Smith III, UGA Extension-Northeast District.

To Public Service Associate
Charles T. Bargeron, forestry and natural resources; Janet S. Bittner, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Benny Carolina Darbisi, J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development; Jason Evans, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Daniel Geller, engineering; Karol Leigh Kelly, UGA Extension-Northwest District; Melissa Daniel Lu, Archway Partnership; Deanna Whiten McEwen, pharmacy; Elizabeth R. Perry, Small Business Development Center; Anne M. Shenk, State Botanical Garden; Paul J. Pugliese, UGA Extension-Northwest District; Uttam Kamar Saha, Feed and Environmental Water Laboratory; Amanda M. Tedrow, UGA Extension-Northeast District; Marie C. Trice, UGA Extension-Northwest District; Laura Wynell Waters, UGA Extension-4-H and Youth; and Lindsey Hildreth Welch, pharmacy.

To Public Service Assistant
Patricia Josephine West, UGA Extension-Southeast District; and Kandace D. Edwards, UGA-Northwest District.

Office of the Vice President for Research

To Senior Research Scientist
John J. Chrzas, biochemistry and molecular biology; Ge Wang, microbiology; Zheng Quing Fu, biochemistry and molecular biology; and David H. Live, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center.

To Associate Research Scientist
James F. Fait, biochemistry and molecular biology; Bethany Lachele Foley, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center; Guozhong Huang, Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases; Stacey L. Lance, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory; Alison V. Nairn, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center; Heather Flanagan Steet, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center; and Tracey D. Tuberville, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory.