Campus News

Promotions approved for 164 faculty members

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

To Professor: Patrick John Conner, horticulture; Cesar L. Escalante, agricultural and applied economics; and Svoboda V. Pennisi, horticulture.

To Associate Professor: Gregory John Colson, agricultural and applied economics; Mussie Ykeallo Habteselassie, crop and soil sciences; Cecilia E. McGregor, horticulture; Kerry M. Oliver, entomology; and Brian Matthew Schwartz, crop and soil sciences.

To Academic Professional: Marianne Shockley, entomology.

To Associate Research Scientist: Gang Hua, entomology; Xiyin Wang, Plant Genome Mapping Lab; and Tong Zhao, Center for Food Safety.

To Public Service Assistant: Kelle Ashley, Northeast District; Kasey Bozeman, Southeast District UGA Extension; Ashley Davis, Southwest District UGA Extension; Kristy Hammond, Northwest District; Brittany Johnson, Northwest District; Brittani Kelley, Northwest District; Andrew Sawyer, Southwest District UGA Extension; and Kimberly Toal, Northwest District.

To Public Service Associate: Jason Brock, plant pathology UGA Extension; Mack Cook IV, Southwest District UGA Extension; Lee Deal, Southeast District UGA Extension; Claudia Dunkley,
poultry science UGA Extension; Norman Edwards, Northwest District; Kisha Faulk, Northwest District; Andrea Scarrow, Southwest District UGA Extension; and Abby Smith, Southeast District UGA Extension.

To Senior Public Service Associate: Christa Campbell, Northeast District; Raymond Edwards, Southwest District UGA Extension; Janet Hollingsworth, Southeast District UGA Extension; Lisa Jordan, Southeast District UGA Extension; Sharon Kane, Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development; Leticia Sonon, Soil, Plant and Water Lab UGA Extension; and William Tyson, Southeast District UGA Extension.

College of Education

To Professor: Kevin M. Ayres, communication sciences and special education; Deryl F. Bailey, counseling and human development services; and Amy Reschly, educational psychology.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Nancy Broadhurst Dellaria, communication sciences and special education; Brian W. Dotts, educational theory and practice; Alice Mary Sanderson, communication sciences and special education; and Alisa Norris Schultz, communication sciences and special education.

To Associate Professor: Theodore J. Kopcha, career and information studies; Bettina Love, educational theory and practice; and Kevin C. Moore, mathematics and science education.

To Senior Lecturer: Robyn L.B. Ovrick, mathematics and science education.

College of Engineering

To Associate Professor: Jenna R. Jambeck, Kyle J. Johnsen, Peter A. Kner, Ramaraja Ramasamy, Joachim Walther and Yajun Yan.

College of Environment and Design

To Professor: James K. Reap.

To Associate Professor: Sungkyung Lee, Katherine Melcher and Douglas Michael Pardue.

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

To Associate Professor: Suraj Sharma, textiles, merchandising and interiors.

To Senior Lecturer: Jennifer Gonyea, human development and family science; and Melissa Landers-Potts, human
development and family science.

To Associate Research Scientist: Emma Laing, foods and nutrition.

College of Pharmacy

To Clinical Professor: Dianne Barber Williams May, clinical and administrative pharmacy; and Michael Walter Neville, clinical and administrative pharmacy.

To Associate Professor: Mandi M. Murph, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences.

College of Public Health

To Professor: Marsha A. Davis, health promotion and behavior; Luke Peter Naeher, environmental health science; and Mary Alice Smith, environmental health science.
To Associate Professor: Kevin K. Dobbin, epidemiology and biostatistics; and Andreas Handel, epidemiology and biostatistics.

College of Veterinary Medicine

To Professor: Shiyou Chen, physiology and pharmacology; and Eric R. Lafontaine, infectious diseases.

To Associate Professor: Bridget Garner, pathology; Nicole L. Gottdenker, pathology; Shannon P. Holmes, veterinary biosciences and diagnostic imaging; Marcia RS Ilha, pathology; Joanne Ruth Smith, small animal medicine and surgery; and Wendy Watford, infectious diseases.

To Associate Research Scientist: Andrew Moorhead, infectious diseases.

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

To Professor: Stephen William Berry, history; Daniela Di Iorio, marine sciences; Jean Ngoya Kidula, music; Asen Kirin, art, Jerry Keith Langston, Germanic and Slavic studies; James H. Leebens-Mack, plant biology; Tianming Liu, computer science; Ping Ma, statistics; Joy Peterson, microbiology; Margaret L. Quesada, Romance languages; Jeremy Reynolds, sociology; Patricia Lynne Richards, sociology; Jennifer A. Samp, communication studies; Ping Shen, cellular biology; and Robert Lance Wells, biochemistry and molecular biology.

To Associate Professor: Ellen J. Andrew, art; Cynthia T. Camp, English; Renato Menezes Castelao, marine sciences; Simon Foucart, mathematics; Connie M. Frigo, music; Laura A. German, anthropology; Kelly E. Happe, communication studies; Miriam Jacobson, English; Jennifer Julia Kaplan, statistics; Vera Lee-Schoenfeld, Germanic and Slavic studies; Margaret W. Morrison, art; Donald Robert Nelson, anthropology; Roberto Perdisci, computer science; Amy Melissa Pollard, music; Akela Reason, history; Dean J. Sabatinelli, psychology; Cordula Schulz, cellular biology; Vincent Joseph Starai, microbiology and infectious diseases (joint appointment); and Chloe Wigston Smith, English.

To Senior Lecturer: Nuno Castellanos Diez, Romance languages; Trina Cyterski, psychology; Brian Drake, history; Georgia Kim Gilbert, statistics; Elizabeth Hatmaker, art; David
Latimer, Romance languages; Christopher Plaue, computer science; Nichole Ray, women’s studies; Steven Soper, history; Lance Wilder, English; and Mary Wolf, history.

To Senior Academic Professional: Elizabeth Davis, English; Kimberly Love-Myers, statistics; and Pingrong Wei, chemistry.

To Senior Research Scientist: Bijoy Mohanty, genetics.

Odum School of Ecology

To Associate Professor: Ford Ballantyne IV.

School of Law

To Professor: Elizabeth Chamblee Burch.

School of Public and International Affairs

To Professor: Susan B. Haire, political science.

To Associate Professor: Shane P. Singh, international affairs.

School of Social Work

To Professor: Patricia Mullin Reeves.

Terry College of Business

To Associate Professor: John L. Campbell, accounting; Nathaniel Grow, insurance, legal studies and real estate; Laura Little, management; and Jessica M. Rodell, management.

To Senior Lecturer: Kevin H. Ellis, marketing; and Katherine T. McClain, economics.

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

To Professor: John Charles Maerz III.

Vice President for Instruction

To Senior Academic Professional: Paul Matthews, Office of Service-Learning.

Vice President for Public Service and Outreach
To Public Service Associate: Tracy Arner, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Ted Baggett, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Thomas Bliss, Marine
Extension Service; Laura Katz, Small Business Development Center; Ilka McConnell, Archway Partnership Project; David Meyers, Fanning Institute for Leadership Development; Dorthea Sanders, Marine Extension Service; and Theresa Wright, Carl Vinson Institute of Government.

To Senior Public Service Associate: Robert Erwin, Small Business Development Center; Mary Hill, Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach; and Raytheon Rawls, Fanning Institute for Leadership Development.

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

To Librarian II: Susan Clay, libraries-general operations; Jan Hebbard, libraries-general operations; Callie Holmes, libraries-general operations; Christian Lopez, libraries-general operations; Mary Poland, libraries-general operations; Timothy Smolko, libraries-general operations; and Donald Summerlin, libraries-general operations.

To Librarian III: Mary Miller, libraries-general operations; Sandra Riggs, libraries-general operations; and Viki Timian, libraries-general operations.

To Librarian IV: Helen Pritchett, libraries-general operations.

To Senior Academic Professional: Leslie Gordon, Office of Academic Planning.

Vice President for Research

To Associate Research Scientist: Gerardo Gutierrez Sanchez, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center; and Tianyi Yu, Institute for Behavioral Research.