Campus News


The University System Board of Regents approved the promotion of 138 University of Georgia faculty members at its April meeting. Those receiving a promotion are:

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

To Professor

James M. Affolter, horticulture; John K. Bernard, animal and dairy science; Carl M. Deom, plant pathology; Peter G. Hartel, crop and soil sciences; and Jeanna L. Wilson, poultry science.

To Associate Professor

Samuel E. Aggrey, poultry science; James W. Buck, plant pathology; A. Stanley Culpepper, crop and soil sciences; Keshav Das, biological and agricultural engineering; Juan Carlos Diaz-Perez, horticulture; James R. Kastner, biological and agricultural engineering; Eric P. Prostko, crop and soil sciences; Glen C. Rains, biological and agricultural engineering; Kathryn C. Taylor, horticulture; and Ronald R. Walcott, plant pathology.

College of Arts and Sciences

To Professor

Sybilla Beckman-Kazez, mathematics; Ronald Blount, psychology; R. Kelly Dawe, plant biology; Lisa A. Donovan, plant biology; Mark Farmer, cellular biology; William Graham, mathematics; Uwe Happek, physics and astronomy; Jean Martin-Williams, music; Joe Norman, art; Mitchell Rothstein, mathematics; and Joe E. Sanders Jr., art.

To Associate Professor

Linda Brooks, comparative literature; Keith Campbell, psychology; Jason Cantarella, mathematics; Jody Clay-Warner, sociology; Timothy Cleaveland, history; Adam Goodie, psychology; Andrew Grundstein, geography; Andrea G. Hohmann, psychology; Sujata Iyengar, English; Robert -Jackson, art; Dorothea Link, music; Akos Magyar, mathematics; Rodney Mauricio, genetics; Kimberly Shipman, psychology; Phillip Stancil, physics and astronomy; Boris Striepen, cellular biology; Pamela Voekel, history; and Randal L. Walker, marine -sciences.

College of Business

To Associate Professor

Richard W. Martin, real estate; and Christopher Stivers, banking and finance.

College of Education

To Professor

Deborah Bandolos, educational psychology; and Juanita Johnson-Bailey, adult education.

To Associate Professor

Betty Bisplinghoff, elementary education; Shanna Burke, special education; Tarek C. Grantham, educational psychology; and Wendy Ruona, occupational studies. 

To Academic Professional

Max Skidmore, education administration; and Janet Truluck, adult education.

College of Environment and Design

To Professor

Mark D. Hunter, ecology.

To Associate Professor

Pejman Rohani, ecology.

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

To Professor

Ruth Harris, foods and nutrition; and Judy A. Harrison, foods and nutrition.

To Associate Professor

Diane W. Bales, child and family development; and Soyoung Kim, textiles, merchandising and interiors.

School of Forest Resources

To Professor

Robert J. Cooper, forest resources; and Cecil A. Jennings, forest resources (adjunct).

To Associate Professor

Steven Bryan Castleberry, forest resources ; and Michael T. Mengak, forest resources.

College of Journalism and Mass Communication

To Associate Professor

Maria Carolina Acosta-Alzuru, advertising/public relations; and James F. Hamilton, advertising/public relations.

College of Pharmacy

To Professor

William Spruill, clinical and administrative sciences.

To Clinical Professor

Majorie S. Phillips, clinical and administrative sciences (adjunct).

To Clinical Associate Professor

John T. Johnson, clinical and administrative sciences; and William K. Kennedy, clinical and administrative sciences.

To Associate Professor

Adviye Ergul, clinical and administrative sciences; and Cory Momany, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences.

School of Public and International Affairs

To Associate Professor

Audrey A. Haynes, political science; and Melvin V. Hood, political science.

School of Social Work

To Associate Professor

Patrick S. Bordnick, social work; and –Patricia M. Reeves, social work.

College of Veterinary Medicine

To Professor

Karen P. Carmichael, pathology.

To Associate Professor

Stephen J. Hernandez-Divers, small animal medicine; Ray M. Kaplan, infectious diseases; Debra Lee Miller, pathology; Julie M. Moore, infectious diseases; Mary Ann Radlinsky, small animal medicine; Sherry Sanderson, physiology and pharmacology; Larry J. Thompson, physiology and pharmacology; Grace Heather Wilson, small animal medicine; and Amelia Raye Woolums, large animal medicine.

Academic Enhancement

To Professor

Ann Shanks Glauser, academic enhancement.


To Librarian IV

Rene Shoemaker and Carol Wheeler.

To Librarian III

Ruta Abolins, Carla Buss, Margaret Compton, Sheila Devaney, Sheila McAlister, Monica Pereira and John Prechtel.

To Librarian II

Caroline Cason.

Office of the Vice President
for Research

To Associate Research Scientist

Krassimira Angelova, biochemistry and molecular biology; and Michel Vandenplas, large animal medicine.

Office of the Vice President for Services

To Senior Public Service Associate

Eric Bonaparte, Small Business Development Center; Mickey P. Cummings, Cooperative Extension Service; Charlie E. Ellis III, Cooperative Extension Service; Mark R. Foster, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; William G. Hubbard, Cooperative Extension Service; Jule-Lynne Macie, Cooperative Extension Service; Rebecca Moore, Cooperative Extension Service; John A. O’Looney, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Dan P. Rahn, agricultural and environmental sciences; A. Michael Rupured, housing and consumer sciences; William P. Russell, Small Business Development Center; Jeffrey R. Sanford, Small Business Development Center; Mary E. Stakes, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; and Nancy P. Thompson, Georgia Center for Continuing Education.

To Public Service Associate

Ronnie M. Barentine, Cooperative Extension Service; Keith A. Barker, Carl Vinson Institute of Government; Peggy P. Bledsoe, Cooperative Extension Service; Willie O. Chance III, Cooperative Extension Service; P. Mark Crosby, Cooperative Extension Service; Connie R. Edwards, Small Business Development Center; Elizabeth E. English, Cooperative Extension Service; Linda S. Gilbert, Educator Partnerships/College of Education; Debra S. Graham, Small Business Development Center; Sharon P. Kane, Small Business Development Center; John S. Maynard, Small Business Development Center; Lisa A. McKinley, Cooperative Extension Service; Keith D. Mickler, Cooperative Extension Service; Lori E. Purcell, Cooperative Extension Service; and Kent L. Wolfe, Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development.

To Public Service Assistant

Rhea Bentley, Cooperative Extension Service; Doug Collins, Cooperative Extension Service; Brandi Harrison, Cooperative Extension Service; Jessica E. Hill, Cooperative Extension Service; Kimberly R. Siebert, Cooperative Extension Service; Marie Trice, Cooperative Extension Service; Clayton W. Ward, Cooperative Extension Service; Rachel West, Cooperative Extension Service; Michael Wheeler, Cooperative Extension Service; and Tim W. Wilson, Cooperative Extension Service.