Campus News

More campus items now recyclable

Campus recycling now accepts more than just paper and plastic bottles. Plastic containers, metal food cans and some plastic cups are now recyclable on campus.

Three different bins will be used for collection on campus: paper recycling, container recycling and landfill trash. The three-bin system is in place in the Miller Learning Center and will be installed around campus over the next year.

Bins that are labeled bottles and cans can be used to recycle aluminum soda cans, aluminum foil and aluminum food trays; steel, bi-metal and tin food cans and lids; clear, brown, green and blue glass bottles and jars (lids removed); empty aerosol cans, tops removed; and plastic bottles and containers numbers 1-7.

Paper recycling includes all color office paper, envelopes (window film can be left on), junk mail, newspapers and inserts, cardboard and pizza boxes (flattened with food scraps removed), flattened cereal and food boxes, milk and juice cartons with caps removed, juice boxes with straws removed, magazines, catalogs, telephone books, paperbacks and paper bags.

Paper items can be placed in desk-side paper recycling boxes, paper recycling roll-carts or other receptacles labeled as paper recycling.

Plastic bags and styrofoam cannot be recycled in the university’s bins.