Campus News

Regents approve tuition increase

At its monthly meeting on April 19, the board of regents approved an across-the-board tuition increase of 3 percent for institutions in the University System. The board also voted to increase a special institutional fee that was implemented two years ago.

Tuition will not increase for the approximately 45,000 students who are still on the board’s discontinued Guaranteed Tuition Plan; however, these students will pay the special institutional fee.

“The state, the university system, students and parents all continue to see very tight budgets and our tuition proposal reflects these realities,” said Chancellor Erroll B. Davis Jr. “We wanted a balanced strategy that meets the academic needs of our students while maintaining access and affordability. As we have over the last three years, the system will offset the gap between revenues and expenditures with additional and pervasive cost-cutting measures at all institutions.”

The 3 percent tuition increase means undergraduate tuition at UGA this fall will be $3,641 per semester, an increase of $106 from fall 2010. The special institutional fee at UGA will increase from $200 to $450 per semester.