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Resolve to become heart healthy by increasing physical activity

February is Heart Health Awareness Month. There are many ways to maintain a healthy heart.

The American Heart Association encourages Americans to increase physical activity with the aim of achieving 150 minutes of
aerobic activity per week combined with strength training a couple of days per week.

This can be accomplished in different ways such as five 30-minute sessions or three 75-minute sessions per week. (Note: It may be advisable to check with your health care provider before beginning a new physical activity routine.)

Small changes can make a difference. Try adding 10 minutes of physical activity at a time.

Not a fan of the gym? Instead, find activities you enjoy. Take a walk around the building at lunch, or park your car in a lot further away from the office building for longer walk into work. Join a team sport or walk your dog with a friend.

Source: University Health Center