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Retired faculty co-author leader guide

Leading for Powerful Learning: A Guide for Instructional Leaders
By Angela Breidenstein, Kevin Fahey, Carl Glickman and Frances Hensley
Teachers College Press

Frances Hensley and Carl Glickman, retired College of Education faculty, recently partnered to write and edit Leading for Powerful Learning. The book describes a unique adult learning framework and addresses a spectrum of challenges instructional leaders at the district and school levels may face. It is written for mentors, instructional coaches, principals, department heads or anyone facing the task of leading adults in their schools.  

Leading for Powerful Learning provides instructional leaders with both theory and practice and includes a variety of tools that leaders can apply to support teacher learning in schools, districts, departments and teams. The authors note specific strategies, formats and tools that an instructional leader can use to support new and veteran principals and teacher-leaders.

Glickman and Hensley worked together from 1996-2002 in the UGA-based League of Professional Schools.