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Thirty-four UGA employees retired Jan. 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:
Christine J. Barrington, warehouse supervisor, property control, 30 years/9 months; Mary Ellen Blackburn, associate professor, agricultural leadership, education and communication, 28 years/4 months; K. Denise Brown, senior accounting technician, University Health Center, 28 years/4 months; Minnie L. Burgess-Whitlock, building services worker II, South Campus Building Services, 20 years/8 months; Attawa J. Childres, department manager, Office of Sponsored Programs, Office of the Vice President for Research, 29 years/9 months; Stephen E. Condrey, project director, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 25 years/6 months; Joann Davis, laboratory technician II, plant biology, 17 years/10 months; Lorraine A. Davis, senior accounting technician, food administration, 12 years/6 months; Joseph R. Freeman, admissions specialist, biological sciences, 12 years/11 months; Marc A. Galvin, assistant to the dean, School of Law, 28 years/2 months; Carol L. Gardner, clinic manager, University Health Center, 9 years/11 months; Virginia Goekjian, research professional II, Wildlife Disease Study, 30 years/3 months; U. Gus Gonzalez, plumber, plumbing shop, 12 years/4 months; Michael F. Healy, senior marketing professional, Georgia Center for Continuing Education Conference Center and Hotel: sales and marketing, 18 years/5 months; Richard N. Johnson, Cortona Program director, art, 31 years/4 months; James B. Kau, professor, insurance/legal studies and real estate, 37 years/4 months; Karlene K. Lawrence, editor, Athletic Association, 28 years/3 months; Barbara Ann Lee, administrative associate I, residence hall facilities administration, 9 years/9 months; Edwin Gordon Maner, senior public service associate, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 17 years/11 months; Kipling D. Martin, HVAC/refrigeration mechanic, building A/C systems, 29 years/3 months; Carl L. McCoy, public service associate, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 26 years/7 months; Sandra L. Miller, building services supervisor, South Campus Building Services, 9 years/9 months; Bonnie L. Norwood, administrative associate I, Office of Development, 13 years/9 months; Barbara R. O’Neal, county secretary, Cooperative Extension-Northeast District, 25 years/7 months; Tammy C. Pounds, information technology director, EITS-operations and infrastructure, 23 years/7 months; Marsha D. Richmond, administrative associate II, insurance/legal studies and real estate, 17 years/5 months; Gwen C. Roland, public relations coordinator, Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program-Griffin Campus, 17 years/1 month; William James Schultz, budget specialist, budget division, 18 years/8 months; E. Daniel Smith, professor, J.M. Tull School of Accounting, 19 years/3 months; Lane J. Stewart, constituent-based director, Office of Development, 17 years/11 months; Susan T. Thornhill, administrative associate I, Office of the Assistant Dean-Griffin Campus, 26 years/2 months; William E. Wade, professor, clinical and administrative pharmacy, 32 years/11 months; Nancy H. Watson, academic adviser III, College of Arts and Sciences-Dean’s Office, 31 years/3 months; and John Paul Williamson, building services supervisor, North Campus Building Services, 28 years/4 months.