Campus News


Twenty-two UGA employees retired Sept. 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:
Bobby R. Allen, materials handler IV, UGA Press, 26 years/3 months; Katherine H. Bemisderfer, academic advisor II, Honors Program, 21 years/7 months; Patricia L. Brussack, dietary specialist, food administration, 31 years/6 months; Jean M. Bryan, senior financial accountant, Office of Human Resources, 7 years/6 months; Vaughn H. Calvert II, research station superintendent, Central Georgia Research and Education Center, 23 years/5 months; Betty W. Cushion, administrative assistant II, communication/technology services, 29 years/2 months; Mary Ann Fitzgerald, associate professor, educational psychology and instructional technology, 16 years/2 months; Vivian S. Freeman, duplicating service supervisor, College of Veterinary Medicine–Dean’s Office, 30 years/2 months; John R. Glisson, department head, population health, 27 years; Martha J. Harris, student affairs professional IV, College of Arts and Sciences–Dean’s Office, 16 years/1 month; Krista Haynes, director of enrolled student services, Graduate School, 12 years/6 months; Pamela Ann LaSalle, academic advisor II, counseling and human development, 22 years/3 months; Darrell Wayne Laughlin, IT professional assistant, food administration, 11 years/3 months; Mary K. Mitchell-Hodler, WUGA radio news director, public affairs, 24 years/6 months; Lynne E. Moseman, psychometric assistant, University Testing Services, 11 years/10 months; Mary G. Myrick, senior budget analyst, College of Arts and Sciences–Dean’s Office, 31 years/3 months; Albert J. Parker, professor, geography, 30 years/11 months; Sheila M. Sinks, administrative associate II, clinical and administrative pharmacy, 24 years/1 month; Clifton Lee Smith, professor, workforce education, leadership and social foundations, 19 years/11 months; Patricia Ann Smith, cook II, College of Family and Consumer Sciences-Child Development Lab, 14 years/3 months; George Thornton, skilled trades worker, family housing administration, 20 years/10 months; and Shirley Ann Watson, building services worker II, Tifton Diagnostic Lab, 13 years.