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Revised trademark policy

UGA’s trademark licensing policy has been revised recently to cover all aspects of trademark use and licensing. The policy has been updated to better define the marks registered by UGA and the UGA Athletic Association. It describes the policy and procedures that must be observed for external and internal uses of these marks.

This new policy also addresses the guidelines for authorized usage of the registered marks (including special guidelines for use of the official seal of the University of Georgia), and the policy, standards and guidelines of the UGA Identity Program.

Flexibility in meeting certain requirements of this policy may be applied for internal, administrative units of the university; however the university’s Trademark Management Committee will need to review UGA marks.

University units are asked to review their use of the mark to determine if it adheres to the new policy. For university marks that do not adhere to the new policy or questions about the policy, contact Mary Beth Crumley in the External Affairs Service Office at (706) 542-4583.

Current inventory may be used; however when the inventory is ­depleted, new materials should include a compliant mark.

The trademark licensing policy for the university is available for immediate download as a PDF at