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Lamar Dodd School of Art showcases ‘disPlacements’

disPlacements: Georgia Arc is on display at the Lamar Dodd School of Art’s Broad Street Gallery Nov. 15–Dec. 14. An opening reception will be held Nov. 15 from 6–8 p.m.

The exhibition is a collaboration between R.G. Brown III, associate professor of sculpture, Ervan Garrison, head of UGA’s anthropology department, Kent Schneider, archaeologist with the USDA Forest Service and adjunct professor of anthropology, and Jessica Cook, a graduate student in anthropology.

This collaboration between the visual arts and archaeological geophysics is a series of imaged mappings created when scientists used advanced technologies to remotely sense Brown’s original sculpture embedded underground.

The exhibition’s title, disPlacements: Georgia Arc, refers to both the abstract arc-shaped wood and metal sculpture created by Brown, designed after artisanal fishing boats in Ghana, as well as to the method in which the sculpture (above) is placed into the ground, displacing red Georgia earth much as a boat displaces water.