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Sea Grant Program starts sign project

Visitors to Jekyll Island can learn more about coastal Georgia’s ecosystem using a series of 13 interpretive signs installed in March along the island’s nature trail and at other points of environmental interest. Funded by a Coastal Incentive Grant of $28,600 from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Coastal Resources Division, the sign project was a collaborative partnership between UGA’s Sea Grant College Program and the Jekyll Island Authority.

Located strategically along Jekyll’s main nature trail, the colorful signs use words and illustrations to explain how distinct habitats work together to maintain conditions in which each can thrive. They also have information about plants and animals in the immediate area as well as historical points of interest.

Georgia Sea Grant writers came up with the copy, which was coupled with drawings and design by noted coastal illustrator Charlotte Ingram.

“It’s one thing to read about coastal ecology in books, but it is an entirely different experience to read about it as the environment stretches out before you. It brings it all closer and gives you a better understanding,” said David Bryant, assistant director of the Georgia Sea Grant Program. “The series of signs adds a colorful and educational commentary that gives coastal tourists and locals a deeper experience of our invaluable natural resources.”