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SEGUE, IDEAS grant proposals

The Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach is accepting proposals for SEGUE and IDEAS grants to support projects that address community needs. The application deadline for both award programs is Sept. 15.

Applications should be submitted online at

Because community needs cannot be answered by a single disciplinary response, special attention will be given to proposals that demonstrate collaboration by faculty members across disciplines and units and that include partnership among academic or clinical faculty members and public service faculty members.

Outreach activities can include service-learning and service-based instruction; community-based participatory research, applied research and policy analysis; technical assistance; and program development and delivery. Special consideration will be given to proposals including a service-learning component.

The 2005 Scholarship of Engagement for University Engagement grants are open to all tenure-track faculty, public service faculty and clinical faculty. Proposed projects should be innovative outreach activities that apply faculty expertise to community needs. SEGUE projects should focus on strengthening the economic and social well-being of people living in Georgia and throughout the Southeast, and may address issues such as health care, education, housing, transportation or leadership development.

The 2005 International Development Education Awards grants support projects with an international component and are open to all tenure-track faculty, public service faculty clinical faculty and staff. IDEAS projects emphasize inventive outreach activities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Special attention will be given to projects in Thailand, China, Kenya, Tanzania and Mexico which include a service-learning component for undergraduate and/or graduate students.

Both the SEGUE and IDEAS programs are seed-grant programs. Plans for securing sustainable, external funding should be outlined in the proposal. Typical award amounts range from $4,000 to $5,000. Full details about eligibility and application procedures may be found at

Direct questions to Trish Kalivoda (542‑6125, or Jennifer Frum (542‑7887,