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SendFiles will require ArchPass for access

Effective Sept. 7, anyone with a MyID will need ArchPass, UGA’s two-step login solution, powered by Duo, to log in to SendFiles. 

SendFiles is an encrypted file service that allows you to securely share sensitive documents. This change to the login process is being implemented to protect sensitive university data. 

The login process for SendFiles will be slightly different from other systems protected by ArchPass. There are several options.

  • When you enter your MyID and password, you will receive an automatic push or phone call based on the type of device you have enrolled in Duo. You will not see a second screen or have the option to select your method of authentication.
  • If you want to use a passcode or use your back-up device instead to authenticate, you can add a comma (“,”) to the end of your password, followed by a Duo passcode (“123456”) or a Duo option (“push,” “phone,” or “sms”).  You can also specify a device number if you have multiple devices enrolled (“phone2” or “phone3”).

For example, if you want to use a passcode, you would type the following to log in:

MyID: ugamyid

Password: password123,123456

More information about SendFiles is available on the Help Desk page at

ArchPass will not be required for non-MyID users of SendFiles.

Remember that SendFiles is only to be used to transmit sensitive data, such as UGA ID numbers, law enforcement records or critical infrastructure information. 

You should not use it for restricted data, such as SSNs, health information or financial records. 

You can find more information on sensitive vs. restricted data at