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Signature Lectures created to highlight talks by thought leaders

UGA has created a new “Signature Lectures” designation to highlight campus talks by some of the world’s most prominent thought leaders.

UGA Signature Lectures feature speakers noted for their broad, multidisciplinary appeal and compelling bodies of work. Many of the lectures are supported by endowments, while others honor notable figures and milestones in the university’s history.

“Signature Lectures reaffirm the university’s role as a hub for the exchange of ideas, and they enrich the campus learning environment by bringing students, faculty, staff and community members together,” said Pamela Whitten, senior vice president for academic affairs and provost.

Campus lectures designated as Signature Lectures will be announced annually at the beginning of the academic year by the Office of Academic Programs.

“The University of Georgia has a long tradition of bringing compelling speakers to campus, and I hope that our students in particular will take advantage of the opportunity to hear from some of the leading voices of our day,” said Meg Amstutz, associate provost for academic programs. “The Signature Lecture designation is one way to help point our students to a variety of talks that will enrich their experiences here.”

For a complete schedule of Signature Lectures, see the Provost’s Office website at