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Sixth edition of reference book published

Theoretical Models and Processes of Reading
Edited by Donna Alvermann, Bob Ruddell and Norman J. Unrau
International Reading Association
Nonmembers: $124.95; Members: $99.95

The International Reading Association has published the sixth edition of Theoretical Models and Processes of Reading, a landmark reference book on which Donna Alvermann, a UGA Distinguished Research Professor of Language and Literacy Education, served as lead editor.

Through evaluation of reader surveys and focus groups, the editors, who also include Bob Ruddell of the University of California at Berkeley and Norman J. Unrau of California State University, Los Angeles, have extended the book’s reach into domains of research and instruction that affect practitioners, graduate students, literacy teacher educators and researchers.

More than half of the chapters in this edition are new, and eight of the new chapters were commissioned specially for this volume. Twenty percent of the chapters from previous editions have been revised by their authors to reflect current research and instructional developments in the field.

In this updated volume, there is an expanded range of research designs and their applications; reading processes and literacy practices studied through cognitive, sociocultural, critical, transactional and poststructural theorizing and more.