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Special meeting of the University Council addresses two resolutions

A special meeting of the University Council, which was brought forth by a petition from at least 20 or more University Council members, was held Aug. 12 to address two resolutions centered on the COVID-19 pandemic and reopening plans.

One of the resolutions called for the University Council to endorse a joint resolution, which was critical of reopening plans, from the Faculty Senates of the Mary Frances Early College of Education and the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences.

The resolution failed to pass. The vote was 64 for and 87 against, with 12 council members abstaining.

The other resolution was for the University Council Executive Committee to form an ad hoc COVID-19 Crisis Response Committee of 12 elected, not ex-officio, members, to relay the views and concerns of council members to the administration.

This resolution was approved by a vote of 96 for and 54 against, with six council members abstaining.