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Start planning for fall garden

It’s not too soon to start planning for your fall garden.

Experts at the Georgia Center for Urban Agriculture suggest the following cool-season vegetables, along with recommended varieties, for planting in a fall garden:

• Broccoli: “Marathon,” “Packman,” “Patriot,” “Premium Crop,” “Bravo,” “Decathlon”

• Cabbage: “Blue Dynasty,” “Bravo,” “Early Round Dutch,” “Rio Verde,” “Green Jewel”

• Carrot: “Chantenay,” “Scarlet Nantes,” “Sweetbites,” “Sweet Delight”

• Cauliflower: “Absolute,” “Early Snowball,” “Graffiti” (purple), “White Magic,” “Symphony”

• Collard greens: “Blue Max,” “Georgia Southern,” “Heavi-Crop”

• Kale: “Vates,” “Dwarf Siberian,” “Blue Armor,” “Blue Knight”

• Lettuce: “Butterhead,” “Romaine,” “Buttercrunch”

• Mustard greens: “Florida Broadleaf,” “Southern Giant Curled,” “Red Giant,” “Savanna”

• Spinach: “Melody,” “Winter Bloomsdale”

Plants in this list of cool-season vegetables will tolerate limited exposure to freezing temperatures. Planting dates for fall gardens should be based on anticipated dates for freezing temperatures in your area.

For historical information on fall temperatures in your area, go to the University of Georgia Weather Network website at