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Statewide travel policy changes

A new statewide travel policy became effective July 1. These regulations should be adhered to by both employees and non-employees seeking reimbursement from UGA. Accounts Payable has published the new travel policy and the travel expense statement has been modified for travel. The changes are outlined below:

• For non-overnight trips in Georgia, travelers will receive 100 percent of the allowable per diem if the travel is more than 50 miles from home and headquarters and the traveler is away for more than 12 hours.

• The General Services Administration per diems, located at, will continue to be used for travel outside the state of Georgia. The incidental expenses amount included in the GSA per diem rates will not be included in the reimbursement for domestic travel.

• When a meal is provided on the day of departure or day of return during overnight travel, the full meal per diem reimbursement rate is now reduced by the amount of the provided meal(s) before the 75 percent proration.

• Clayton, Coweta, Fayette and Gwinnett counties no longer are included as high-cost travel areas. The meal per diem rate for these areas is the regular Georgia rate of $28 a day.

• The Certification of Exemption of Local Hotel/Motel Excise Tax form has been updated to assist travelers in gaining compliance with this law. The new form is located at

The travel policy is located at Questions can be directed to Jennifer Collins at or Andre Simmons at