Student Ambassadors

UGA’s Student Ambassadors Program is nurturing a new generation of Georgia leaders and preparing them to make significant contributions within the global community. The statewide outreach program, sponsored by the Center for International Trade and Security in partnership with the Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach, is designed to educate Georgia high school students on global issues. Student interns research and prepare interactive lessons on topics of international relevance and present them to high school classes. The program objective is to usher high school students into the world of global affairs and prepare UGA undergraduates for leadership roles on the international political scene.

Student Ambassadors also assist in research projects, sometimes traveling to UGA-organized conferences, seminars, and training programs in Atlanta, Washington, Moscow, Beijing, and other international cities. These experiences allow UGA interns to gain valuable skills, insights, and contacts that will further both their own professional development and UGA’s standing as a leading institution in preparing students for the global challenges of the 21st century.

The University of Georgia is at the forefront of the globalization movement in higher education with a wealth of opportunities for international experiences. Our students are flocking to study abroad programs, thriving on the challenges inherent in confronting a new cultural environment. More and more, students on campus are also making choices that reflect an understanding of the importance of global awareness – from living in a residence hall-based language community to starting a radio program in another language to minoring in a foreign language. These experiences, whether at home or abroad, influence how our students perceive the world and their place in it. We’re producing graduates prepared to be world citizens – well informed, culturally sensitive and technologically sophisticated. They’re ready to take on the challenges of our global society, and they’ll be equally at home whether in the Peach State or the Republic of Georgia.

For more information on UGA’s Student Ambassadors Program, contact Gary Bertsch, director of the Center for International Trade and Security, at or Terrell Austin, internship coordinator, at or call 706/542-2985.