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Student women’s studies papers

On March 24, the Institute for Women Studies will hold the 12th annual Women’s Studies Student Symposium. The symposium showcases the diversity and vitality of feminist scholarship at UGA and gives undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to present their work.

UGA students are encouraged to submit an abstract describing a work-in-progress, term paper, poster or research paper already submitted in class. The abstract should: 1) briefly describe the proposed topic, 2) explain how the topic relates to feminist scholarship or issues of gender analysis, and 3) outline material(s) and arguments to be employed. Individual, joint or panel submissions are acceptable. Papers and projects in a language other than English will be considered and are encouraged.

The student should submit five copies of a one-paged typed abstract, along with a cover page (including working title, student’s name, address, e-mail address and phone number) by Feb. 11 to the Student Symposium Committee, Women’s Studies, Benson Building.

Additional information about the symposium is on the Web site (