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Students to present research at annual CURO symposium

Tyler Kelly

Junior Tyler Kelly never imagined that he could be working on complex mathematical techniques and structures in algebraic geometry as an undergraduate. But Kelly’s research experiences under the guidance of mathematics professor Elham Izadi have garnered him enough exposure that he hopes to share his results at the 2008 spring symposium sponsored by the Honors Program’s Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities.

Kelly, who is pursuing both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics, is one of a proliferating number of students pursuing research endeavors at the undergraduate level either through CURO or other research programs at UGA. The annual undergraduate research symposium is the cornerstone of CURO.

Open to undergraduates with a 3.4 minimum grade point average who engage in original, faculty-guided research endeavors in any discipline, the CURO symposium provides a forum in which students can showcase their creative and scholarly efforts to a larger audience.

“The CURO symposium is often the first, but seldom the last research presentation our students share. Many of these students go on to present at state, regional, national and, in some cases, international venues,” said David S. Williams, director of the Honors Program.

Faculty from all schools and colleges are invited to encourage their students to submit applications and abstracts about their current projects to present at the CURO symposium to be held March 31. Electronic submissions are due online at by Jan. 18.