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Task force recommends shorter fall break

A task force has recommended that fall break be shortened from two days to one beginning in fall 2008.

Instead of the current two-day break in late October, classes will not be held the Friday before the Georgia-Florida football game, and students also would get the entire week of Thanksgiving as a holiday break. The recommendation

was issued by the task force on Oct. 11.

For 2008, class would not be held on Friday, Oct. 24, and the full week of Nov. 24-28 would be a Thanksgiving holiday break for students. This also would mean only seven class days between the end of the Thanksgiving holidays and the end of fall semester classes. That would change in other years when Thanksgiving falls earlier in the month. Commencement in 2008 would take place on Thursday, Dec. 18.

Both students and faculty members of the task force said the recommendation is acceptable.

University Council’s Educational Affairs Committee will consider the recommendation as it sets the 2008-2009 academic calendar. Assuming the EAC proposal is approved, the calendar will go to University Council for a vote in an upcoming meeting.