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Tax form change

Due to some minor changes to the withholding allowance certificate forms, the Georgia Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service are requiring that the newest versions of the Georgia G-4 and federal W-4 be submitted to establish or change an existing employee’s tax withholding status.

As it is the beginning of the new year and the UGA Payroll Department has started to receive many of these tax forms, it appears certain departments across campus still are using outdated versions of both the G-4 and W-4.

For the G-4, a form can be identified as either new or outdated based on the revision date shown in the top left-hand corner of the form (Rev 01/13). For the federal W-4, a form can be identified based on the year shown at the top of the form. Any Georgia withholding forms that have a revision date earlier than January 2013 and federal forms that show a year other than 2013 will no longer be accepted. The employee will remain at the withholding status of his previous form (except in the case of exempt status) or if no form is available will be set up as single with zero allowances.

The most current versions of the G-4 and W-4 can be found at: and