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Tenure approved for 59 faculty members

The University of Georgia approved tenure for 59 faculty members. Those receiving tenure are:

Ellen J. Andrew, art; Ford Ballantyne IV, ecology; Mehrsa Baradaran, law; Cynthia T. Camp, English; John Campbell, accounting; Renato Menezes Castelao, marine sciences; Gregory John Colson, agricultural and applied economics; Kevin K. Dobbin, epidemiology and biostatistics; Simon Foucart, mathematics; Connie M. Frigo, music; Bridget Garner, pathology; Laura A. German, anthropology; Nicole L. Gottdenker, pathology; Nathaniel Grow, insurance, legal studies and real estate; Mussie Ykeallo Habteselassie, crop and soil sciences; Andreas Handel, epidemiology and biostatistics; Nathan Hansen, health promotion and behavior; Kelly E. Happe, communication studies; Gerald M. Henry, crop and soil sciences; Shannon P. Holmes, veterinary biosciences and diagnostic imaging; Marcia RS Ilha, pathology; Miriam Jacobson, English; Jenna R. Jambeck, engineering; Kyle J. Johnsen, engineering; Jennifer Julia Kaplan, statistics; Peter A. Kner, engineering; Theodore J. Kopcha, career and information studies; Sungkyung Lee, environment and design; Vera Lee-Schoenfeld, Germanic and Slavic studies; Laura Little, management; Bettina Love, educational theory and practice; Cecilia E. McGregor, horticulture; Katherine Melcher, environment and design; Timothy Lanier Meyer, law; Kevin C. Moore, mathematics and science education; Margaret W. Morrison, art; Mandi M. Murph, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences; Donald Robert Nelson, anthropology; Kerry M. Oliver, entomology; Douglas Michael Pardue, environment and design; Roberto Perdisci, computer science; Amy Melissa Pollard, music; Ramaraja Ramasamy, engineering; Akela Reason, history; Jessica M. Rodell, management; Dean J. Sabatinelli, psychology; Logan Everett Sawyer, law; Cordula Schulz, cellular biology; Brian Matthew Schwartz, crop and soil sciences; Suraj Sharma, textiles, merchandising and interiors; Shane P. Singh, international affairs; Joanne Ruth Smith, small animal medicine and surgery; Vincent Joseph Starai, microbiology and infectious diseases (joint appointment); Aron Stubbins, marine sciences; Joachim Walther, engineering; Wendy Watford, infectious diseases; Chloe Wigston Smith, English; Yajun Yan, engineering; and Wenxuan Zhong, statistics.

Source: Office of Faculty Affairs