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Tenure approved for 65 faculty members

The University of Georgia approved tenure for 65 faculty members. Board of regents’ approval of tenure is no longer required. Those receiving tenure are Walid Qasim Alali, food science and technology; Michael Bachmann, physics and astronomy; Ryan S. Bakker, political science; Joshua Barkan, geography; Jessica L. Bishop, mathematics and science education; Joshua L. Bynum, music; Kun-wung Byon, kinesiology; Shelley Cannady, environment and design; Jennifer L. Cannon, food science and technology; Michael J. Chamberlain, forestry and natural resources; Matthew R. Chappell, horticulture; Brandon B. Craswell, music; Kate E. Creevy, small animal medicine and surgery; Gary Elliott Douberly Jr., chemistry; Kelly A. Dyer, genetics; Melissa Seymour Fahmy, philosophy; Naola M. Ferguson-Noel, population health; Travis C. Glenn, environmental health science; Rajgopal Govindarajan, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences; Jori N. Hall, lifelong education, administration and policy; Matthew Isaac Hall, law; Jeong Yeob Han, telecommunications; Bernadette Davantes Heckman, counseling and human development services; Sonia M. Hernandez, forestry and natural resources and population health; Itai Himelboim, telecommunications; Natarajan Kannan, biochemistry and molecular biology; Brian H. Kiepper, poultry science; Gentian Kostandini, agricultural and applied economics; Son K. Lam, marketing; Paula P. Lemons, biochemistry and molecular biology; Jennifer Lindstrom, communication sciences and special education; Anthony J. Madonna, political science; Anish Malladi, horticulture; Patrick E. McCullough, crop and soil sciences; Daniel G. Mead, population health; Shari Elyse Miller, social work; Deepak Mishra, geography; Marie S. Mitchell, management; Jacqueline E. Mohan, ecology; Cas Mudde, international affairs; Tamas Nagy, pathology; David Ochieng Okech, social work; Andrew W. Park, ecology and infectious diseases; Michael D. Pfarrer, management; Kaori Sakamoto, pathology; Esra Santesso, English; Anne Shaffer, psychology; Somanath Shenoy, clinical and administrative pharmacy; Christine Shropshire, management; Shavannor Michelle Smith, plant pathology; Margaret A. Snyder, music; Rajagopalbab Srinivasan, entomology; Lawton Stewart, animal and dairy science; Saral Surakul, art; Jon M. Swindler, art; Susan N. Tanner, anthropology; Aaron Thompson, crop and soil sciences; Victor Dominic Thompson, anthropology; Amy Trauger, geography; Julie Velasquez Runk, anthropology; Karen L. Webber, Institute of Higher Education; Craig C. Wiegert, physics and astronomy; Sheneka M. Williams, lifelong education, administration and policy; Zachary Arthur Wood, biochemistry and molecular biology; and Jason Allan Zastre, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences.

Source: Office of Faculty Affairs