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The University System Board of Regents approved tenure for 61 University of Georgia faculty members at its April meeting. Those receiving tenure are:

Maria Carolina Acosta-Alzuru, advertising/public relations; Samuel E. Aggrey, poultry science; Diane W. Bales, child and family development; Deborah Bandolos, educational psychology; J. Kevin Barge, speech; Betty Bisplinghoff, elementary education; Patrick S. Bordnick, social work; Linda Brooks, comparative literature; James W. Buck, plant pathology; Keith Campbell, psychology; Jason Cantarella, mathematics; Steven Bryan Castleberry, forest resources; Jody Clay-Warner, sociology; Timothy Cleaveland, history; A. Stanley Culpepper, crop and soil science; Keshav Das, biological and agricultural engineering; Juan Carlos Diaz-Perez, horticulture; Adviye Ergul, clinical and administrative sciences; Ann Shanks Glauser, academic enhancement; Adam Goodie, psychology ; Tarek C. Grantham, educational psychology; Andrew Grundstein, geography; James F. Hamilton, advertising/public relations; Audrey A. Haynes, political science; Andrea G. Hohmann, psychology; Melvin V. Hood, political science; Imi Hwangbo, art; Sujata Iyengar, English; Robert Jackson, art; Ray M. Kaplan, infectious diseases; James R. Kastner, biological and agricultural engineering; Soyoung Kim, textiles, merchandising and interiors; Dorothea Link, music; Akos Magyar, mathematics; Richard W. Martin, real estate; Rodney Mauricio, genetics; Debra Lee Miller, pathology; Cory Momany, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences; Julie M. Moore, infectious diseases; Eric P. Prostko, crop and soil science; Mary Ann Radlinsky, small animal medicine; Glen C. Rains, biological and agricultural engineering; Patricia M. Reeves, social work; Pejman Rohani, ecology; Christopher Romanek, geology; Wendy Ruona, occupational studies; Kimberly Shipman, psychology; David E. Stallknecht, infectious diseases; Phillip Stancil,  physics and astronomy; Christopher Stivers, banking and finance; Boris Striepen, cellular biology; Paul S. Sutter, history; Kathryn C. Taylor, horticulture; Larry J. Thompson, physiology and pharmacology; Douglas Toma, higher education; Jeffrey Urbauer, biochemistry and molecular biology; Pamela Voekel, history; Ronald R. Walcott, plant pathology; Randal L. Walker, marine sciences; Judith Wasserman, environmental design; and Amelia Raye Woolums, large animal medicine.