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Terry professor provides a primer on cybersecurity preparedness for non-IT professionals

Data breaches and cyberattacks can cripple even the most well-oiled company. In Cybersecurity Readiness: A Holistic and High-Performance Approach, Terry College of Business data security expert Dave Chatterjee provides enterprise solutions to these organization-wide threats.

It’s not enough, he argues, to have information technology experts on guard. Executives and leaders need to champion cybersecurity best practices as part of the holistic health of their organizations. In Cybersecurity Readiness, Chatterjee provides a jargon-free primer for managers and business students, along with tools and case studies to help assess their risks and create a culture of readiness.

An associate professor in the Department of Management Information Systems, Chatterjee has studied the role of information systems and information security in business for more than two decades and served as an information technology consultant to Fortune 500 companies.

Cybersecurity Readiness was released March 2 by SAGE Publishing.