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Test of the UGAAlert System – July 9, 2015

On Thursday, July 9, at 10:15 a.m., a full test of the UGAAlert emergency notification system will be conducted. This test of the UGAAlert system is necessary due to the recent transition to a new emergency notification system provider.

Prior to Thursday’s test, it is very important that students, faculty and staff review your contact information (phone numbers and email addresses) in the UGAAlert system to ensure that your information and your specific preferences for being notified are accurate.

Contact information may be checked in the UGAAlert system at

In order for the UGAAlert Desktop program to work correctly, you must install the newest version of the software on your computer. In the event of an emergency, the UGAAlert Desktop system will scroll UGAAlert messages across the bottom of computer screens.

The current version of the free UGAAlert Desktop software for students, faculty and staff can be found at under the section for UGAAlert Desktop.

Please note that some UGA departments require an IT professional to install any software on University-owned computers. UGA employees are advised to contact their department’s IT staff for assistance.

UGAAlert messages can also be received via Twitter by following @UGAAlert, @UGAevents, @Universityofga, or @UGAOEP.

Questions related to the test or about the UGAAlert system may be emailed to or you can call the Office of Emergency Preparedness at 706-542-5845.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and cooperation.