Campus News

Three campus units to move to new quarters

UGA will relocate the College of Environment and Design, the Institute for Women’s Studies and the offices of The Georgia Review literary journal to new quarters.

The College of Environment and Design will move from Caldwell Hall on North Campus into the former visual arts building on Jackson Street. The Review also will move to the visual arts building until an off-campus site can be located. And the Institute for Women’s Studies will move from the Benson Building on Lumpkin Street to the space the Review is vacating in Gilbert Hall.

The Institute for Women’s Studies will move as soon as the Review can be relocated to the visual arts building, according to Provost Arnett C. Mace Jr. The institute will move because renovation of the 70-year-old Benson Building is too costly and the building will be razed, according to Mace.

The Caldwell Hall space that the College of Environment and Design vacates will go to the Terry College of Business, which already occupies three of the building’s six floors. However, the college probably will not move to visual arts until necessary extensive renovation is completed. In the meantime, the building will be used as temporary space for units displaced by other construction projects.

“The visual arts building will be an excellent new home for the College of Environment and Design, but that conversion is a major undertaking that requires long-range planning and preparation,” Mace said. “While that planning is under way, we’re fortunate to have the flexibility to use the building to meet several short-term space needs.”

The visual arts building, completed in 1961, housed the Lamar Dodd School of Art until this summer when most departments of the school moved to a new building on East Campus. A couple of departments that utilize large kilns and other heavy equipment were not moved and will temporarily remain in the building.