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Three exhibitions open at Dodd Galleries

Chasity Williams’ “Like A Glove” will be on display as part of “Coupled” through Nov. 9. (Submitted photo)

The UGA Lamar Dodd School of Art presents three new exhibitions on view at the Dodd Galleries through Nov. 6.

In “Bend the Column,” presented in the Lupin Foundation Gallery, New York-based curator Ali Rosa-Salas presents an exhibition of work by Dodd MFA students that show how relationships form, technique and canon can destabilize seemingly immutable cultural, social and political structures.

Coupled,” on view in the Suite gallery, features ceramics, woven textiles, paintings and video by Dodd MFA candidates Alex McClay and Chasity Williams, as they examine the paradox of twos.

In “Mutter,” on view in the Margie E. West Gallery, Philadelphia-based artist Lee Webster uses video collage and photogrammetry—a digital process that re-creates physical objects in digital space by stitching together still photographs—to explore the physical experience of loss.

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