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Tips to survive peak pollen season

The peak pollen season in Georgia is from mid-April to mid-May, when levels recede. Then the pollen comes back in mid-August.

During that time, cars are coated with yellow pine pollen, and allergy sufferers are stocking up on antihistamines.

The best defense against pollen for allergy sufferers is knowing when levels will be high. forecasts pollen levels, ranking days from low to high in terms of allergens. Such predictions are useful in helping people with allergies plan their days.

Some tips for fighting the pollen wars are:

• Removing your shoes prior to going into your house and using doormats to keep pollen out. Pollen attaches itself to just about anything, so it’s smart to take off footwear instead of dragging pollen throughout the house.

• Removing outerwear before entering the house if you’ve been working outside.

• Wiping off pets’ paws before they come inside and bathing them regularly since pets also are pollen carriers.

• Avoid opening your windows to air your house out because pollen will float right in. Instead, keep the windows closed and rely on air conditioning. It’s also helpful to replace air filters every month.