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Totally paperless: University’s job application, hiring process goes entirely on line March 14

The Human Resources office is taking the paperwork out of the job application and hiring process with a new system that will make it easier for hiring departments to post job vacancies and review applications.

Beginning March 14, all employment procedures at UGA-from posting positions, to applying for jobs, to reviewing applications-will be handled on line.

Units with job openings will electronically post positions on the HR Web site instead of submitting them in writing. People seeking jobs will electronically file applications, including résumés and supporting material. Supervisors will review the applications on line to decide who they want to interview.

“This will basically eliminate paper from the employment process,” says Sige Burden, associate director of Human Resources. “It will be faster, more efficient and will save money.”

HR staff will make the transition to the electronic process this week and will not post new job vacancies while they transfer existing vacancies to the new system.

Under the new system, hiring supervisors in university offices will send position openings directly to the job list on the HR Web site.

People applying for ­positions will create their own ­password-­protected files, fill ou­­t job ­application forms on line and include résumés, letters and other materials as attachments. Supervisors will have access codes for applicant files and will review files on line to decide who they want to contact for interviews.

According to Burden, people will be able to apply for jobs from their homes or any place with computer access. HR is installing more computers in its lobby for those who come to the HR office to apply, and will provide assistance for people not familiar with using computers. Current university employees seeking other jobs within the university must also apply using the new electronic procedures. The new system will require all job applicants to complete new electronic applications, regardless of when they last applied for jobs.