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Twenty-nine UGA employees retired June 1

Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:

William E. Barstow, professor, biological sciences, 33 years/11 months; Cheryl Etta Britton, clinic assistant, University Health Center, 11 years/6 months; Carol M. Carey, senior event coordinator, Office of Special Events, 20 years/2 months; Sue Clanton, administrative associate I, population health, 23 years/2 months; Lukie Clarke, building services worker II, custodial services-North Campus, 31 years/3 months; James M. Deal, research professional I, Institute of Ecology, 29 years/4 months; David A. Edwards, associate professor, mathematics, 30 years/9 months; Mary Louise Fielding, administrative assistant II, School of Law, 27 years/7 months; Evan R. Firestone, professor, art, 17 years/11 months; Mickey O. Fourakers, senior public service associate, Cooperative Extension-Southwest district, 31 years/3 months; J. Whitfield Gibbons, professor, Odum School of Ecology, 39 years/11 months; Helen C. Hall, professor, workforce education, leadership and social foundations, 19 years/8 months; Diane S. Hodson, academic adviser III, child and family development, 11 years/8 months; Karen H. Kirk, administrative assistant II, School of Law, 32 years/8 months; Milton Eugene Lieberman, assistant research scientist, School of Marine Programs, 9 years/11 months; Reid E. McCallister, senior graphics designer, Carl Vinson Institute of Government,
31 years/4 months; Richard S. Meltzer, professor, physics and astronomy, 37 years/9 months; Charles W. Mims, professor, plant pathology research, 21 years/10 months; Willie Maxine Moon, cook II, Oglethorpe Dining Hall, 28 years/11 months; Roger D. Moore, associate professor, School of Environmental Design, 29 years/9 months; Joyce D. Power, research technician III, foods and nutrition, 9 years; Carolyn C. Pritchett, county secretary, Cooperative Extension-Northeast district, 27 years/8 months; Elinor F. Ruark, public service representative, Cooperative Extension-Office of Communications, 12 years/11 months; Edward P. Sandor, professor, Hodgson School of Music, 28 years/9 months; James Scott Shaw, professor, physics and astronomy, 37 years/9 months; Delia R. Strickland, accounting technician, soil, plant and water lab, 20 years/5 months; Emma M. Walter, food service worker I, Bolton Cafeteria, 28 years/8 months; Anne Williams, professor, English, 30 years/9 months; and Thomas C. Woodson, assistant director of food services, Tate Student Center, 10 years/10 months.