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Two alumni pen book of moral lessons

Character Building Day by Day
By Anne Mather and Louise B. Weldon
Free Spirit Publishing

UGA alumni Anne D. Mather and Louise B. Weldon are effecting a change for the considerate, one child at a time.

Their book, Character Building Day by Day: 180 Quick Read-Alouds for Elementary School and Home, is a series of vignettes designed to teach morality in real-life situations and germinate thought in children.

Each story takes up about a page and can be read aloud in fewer than five minutes. The discussions, which are classroom-, youth group- and dinner table-ready can last from minutes to hours, according to the authors.

But the book’s value lies in its subtlety: It doesn’t preach a rigid set of ethics, opting instead to let readers form their own sense of morality.

The stories concern true-to-life situations (a neighbor asks to borrow your bike one too many times, a best friend becomes a ghost when a couple of new girls move to town, etc.) and plays out the adolescent dramas succinctly.

The fast-paced tales, narrowly focused plots and quick resolutions lead, inevitably, to the questions: Was that the right thing to do? What is? What would I have done? And it’s up to children to sort out right responses from wrong.