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Two faculty members named fall PSO Fellows

Two UGA faculty members have been named Public Service and Outreach Fellows for the 2014 fall semester.

Theodore Kopcha, an assistant professor of learning, design and technology in the College of Education, is working with the Archway Partnership to help integrate more technology in K-12 settings around the state.

He will use his fellowship to build relationships with education professionals in various Archway communities and help them design and implement technology-integration plans for the classroom, as well as train them on new technologies.

Rosanna Rivero, an assistant professor in the College of Environment and Design, is collaborating with Georgia Sea Grant, UGA Marine Extension and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government as they address issues and hazards in Georgia’s coastal communities.

She will use her fellowship to serve as an environmental planner, developing guidelines for local government to implement performance measures for community resilience and planning for natural hazards such as sea level rise.