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Two UGA students benefit from internships in their field

Grad 2015. Sarah Harrison and Rachel Harrison-h.env
Sarah Harrison and Rachel Harrison

At UGA, students aren’t limited to learning inside the classroom. Two graduating students share how their hands-on learning experiences impacted their UGA academic experiences and lives. 

Sarah Harrison
B.S. in Agriculture and Poultry Science
Tyson Foods internship

“My internship at Tyson was an extension of my education in the poultry science department. One of the advantages of doing my internship at the end of my sophomore year is it provided a framework to apply the instruction I received in the classroom. At the same time, my coursework was able to provide me with answers and insights into processes that I performed on my internship but may not have understood the science behind it.”

What’s next: Master’s degree in poultry science at UGA

Rachel Harrison
B.S. in Poultry Science
Zoo Atlanta internship and Quailwood Animal Hospital shadowing

“I have learned so many things in the classroom at UGA, but I have learned just as much, if not more, from my experiences outside the classroom. The internships that I did at Zoo Atlanta and shadowing at Quailwood Animal Hospital taught me about caring for animals and helped affirm my goal to attend veterinary school. Undergraduate research helped apply a lot of what I learned in my classes.”

What’s next: Attending UGA College of Veterinary Medicine

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