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UGA ceramists contribute to art book

500 Figures in Clay: Ceramic Artists Celebrate the Human Form
Lark Books

For as long as there has been art, the human form has been its centerpiece. And for nearly as long, ceramics have been among the most powerful medium through which artists have expressed their creativity.

Nowhere can be found such strong evidence of this than in 500 Figures in Clay. The book presents some of the figurative studies created by more than 250 contemporary ceramists from around the world. Among those artists contributing to the book are nearly 30 with a UGA connection. They include Lamar Dodd School of Art faculty-retired ­ceramics professor Ron Meyers and current ceramics professor Andy Nasisse-and alumni-Bill Abright, Robin Campo, Sally Smith, Beth Tarkington, James Tisdale and Cheri Wranosky, who is also art director for the university’s alumni publication.

These designs, selected from thousands, span a multitude of artistic styles, from realistic to abstract, representational to surreal and starkly minimalist to flamboyantly narrative. Many of the images are accompanied by the artist’s commentary on why and how the piece was created.