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UGA Dance to present senior exit concert as part of Spotlight on the Arts festival

Dance senior exit show 2012 Borden
Senior bachelor of fine arts candidates in the UGA department of dance are

Athens, Ga. – The University of Georgia department of dance will present “Senior Remix: Over & Out” Nov. 8-10 at 8 p.m. in the New Dance Theater located in the Dance Building on Sanford Drive. The 2012 senior exit dance concert-choreographed by senior dance majors to demonstrate their artistic talents, dedication and passion for the art of dance-is part of the UGA Spotlight on the Arts festival.

“I have had such an incredible time making art and collaborating with my friends to create this dance concert,” said senior Allison Gantz. “There will be no lack of fun or creativity onstage, and I think that is a perfect culmination of our dance education together.”

HyeYoung Borden, Toi Brown, Gantz and Kristin Grubbs-all bachelor of fine arts candidates in dance-will present a variety of different dance techniques and styles. They will be joined by fellow choreographers Farrah Nixon, a third year bachelor of fine arts candidate, and Samantha Tankersley, an interdisciplinary studies major with an emphasis on dance.

“The approach, form, content and fusion of movement styles in each dance major’s work reflects personal highlights from their dance experiences and demonstrates development of individual choreographic style,” said Bala Sarasvati, the Jane Willson Professor of the Arts in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences and adviser for the senior exit concert.

Their pieces range from Borden’s dance, which combines her experiences from her Korean heritage and adaptation of American culture, to Brown’s, who describes her piece as a “reflection of growth as an artist and as a person, through jazz technique and using music from today’s newest hits to throwbacks of the ’90s.”

“We have worked toward creating this show since the very beginning of our studies here at UGA,” Borden said.

Tickets are $8 for students and seniors and $12 for the general public. Parking will be available in the South Campus parking deck located on Sanford Drive.

The Spotlight on the Arts festival is presented by the UGA Arts Council, of which the Hugh Hodgson School of Music is a participating unit. More than 50 events are scheduled during the nine-day festival in November. For more information, see