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UGA president releases statement regarding Damon Evans

Athens, Ga. – University of Georgia President Michael F. Adams released the following statement today regarding the resignation of Damon Evans.

“Yesterday, July 4, 2010, University of Georgia Athletics Director Damon Evans submitted his resignation, which I have accepted. As I said on Thursday morning when I first learned of the situation, this is not an example of the kind of leadership that I expect our senior administrators to set. I have high regard for Damon personally; I care deeply about him and his family.

“Under a separation agreement and release endorsed today by the executive committee of the board of directors of the University of Georgia Athletic Association, Mr. Evans will receive a $100,000 longevity bonus for his prior service, in accordance with the terms of his contract, as well as three months’ salary as severance. We acknowledge the many positive accomplishments of his tenure, including an increased focus on the academic success of student-athletes, the overall financial strength of the athletic department and the hiring of many very good people as head coaches and senior leaders in the athletic department.

“I will address the future leadership of the athletic department during my regularly scheduled media briefing at 2 p.m. Tuesday, July 6, in Mahler Auditorium at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education.”