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UGA Press establishes new book series

The University of Georgia Press is establishing a book series that will examine the experiences of children within the contexts of war.

“Children, Youth and War” will intersect with the latest historiography on race, ethnicity, gender and other methodological approaches appropriate to the time and place. The series is global in scope and broad in historical frame, including conflicts as recent as the intifada in the Middle East, the Afghan wars and civil wars in Africa.

The series will feature comparative and interdisciplinary approaches, but books on specific communities experiencing a single war also will be considered. Authors also may use nonhistorical methodologies, such as literary criticism or psychological interpretations. Yet all books will be shaped by a historical sensibility, and they will help readers understand the lived experiences of historical children and youth.

The series aims to broaden understanding of the experiences and points of view of children and youth during wartime as actors, victims and observers as well as the effects of armed conflict on the nations, communities and families in which those young people live. It also will provide historical contexts for such urgent contemporary topics as war refugees, underage soldiers and the politicization of childhood, among many others.