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UGA professor Linda Campbell writes APA’s first ethics code commentary

Athens, Ga. – University of Georgia counseling psychology professor Linda Campbell has co-written a book describing and illustrating the current ethical standards adopted by the American Psychological Association for the professional behavior of psychologists.

Campbell, a professor in the College of Education’s department of counseling and human services and director of the Center for Counseling and Personal Evaluation, is the lead author of the Ethics Code Commentary and Case Illustrations. The book includes commentaries on each of the 89 ethical standards and provides cases that illustrate the standards. The text is unique in that the case illustrations are written in a decision-making model that promotes use in the classroom or continuing educational setting. The format is four-part: the scenario, the ethical implications of the scenario, decision-making factors, and options for a decision.

The APA Code of Ethics is the accepted set of standards for professional behavior of psychologists. The current code was developed and adopted in 2002. Campbell’s book is the only ethics code commentary that the APA has published on the 2002 Code.

Campbell is a member of the APA Board of Educational Affairs and the Georgia State Board of Examiners of Psychology and was a member of the Ethics Code Task Force that developed the 2002 code. The book was published in January 2010 by the American Psychological Association.