Campus News

UGA receives state recycling award

UGA received the Georgia Recycling Coalition’s Spirit of Green Award for its outstanding and well-established institutional recycling program.

The UGA physical plant manages campus recycling and its recycling efforts are available to each member of the UGA community. Students have been engaged through the GoGreen Alliance, which was formed to offer the opportunity for all environmental/sustainability student organizations and groups at UGA to collaborate, coordinate, unify and collectively strengthen their individual efforts. The GoGreen Alliance provides an organizational structure for the individual organizations to collaborate, rather than compete, and to make maximum impact on the UGA community through a master listserv, calendar of events, forums for discussion and special events.

Recycling opportunities can be found across campus. Paper bins and bottle/can bins are located in each of the 380 buildings on the main campus and in several outside areas on the campus. The university recycles about 1,000 tons of mixed paper, cardboard, bottles and cans each year.